Freight Rail Transportation

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Field proven wireless connectivity solutions for Freight Rail Transportation

Connected operations perform efficiently and increase safety for Freight Rail Transportation. As more sensors and cameras are added to improve performance, leading freight rail operators are connecting remote devices and controls with a private wireless communications networks that provides consistently reliable connectivity at a substantial cost savings compared with leased lines. Wireless technology from Cambium Networks integrates video, voice, email, and data traffic alongside SCADA data from sensors, and control points – on a single all-IP network featuring centralized end-to-end administration.

Safety on the railroads continues to be a top priority as rail operators seek ways to maximize efficiencies and performance of their fleet. Operators are able to leverage wireless technology to increase on time performance, provide better video security at facilities across their network, and increase worker productivity. Rail operators invest in modernizing their infrastructure by connecting previously unconnected devices via wireless technology.

Our wireless platforms Freight Rail Transportation are field proven in the following applications:

  • PTC (Positive Train Control), CTC (Centralized Train Control) and next generation autonomous trains
  • Transport for SCADA and Process Control data
  • Effective remote management
  • Temporary communications
  • Video Surveillance and voice services
  • Right of way monitoring and connectivity
  • Indoor and outdoor 802.11ac wave 2 Wi-Fi at offices and field locations

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