Government Wi-Fi Solutions Increase communications capacity while reducing leased-line costs with wireless broadband.

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Wireless networks provide cost-effective, high-speed connectivity to enable information sharing across departments and agencies

One network can be leveraged to support the needs of multiple agencies, saving the cost and time associated with multiple communications systems for each department. With voice, video, and data applications shared between operations systems, government departments can dramatically improve operational efficiency while reducing the operational expense of communications.

For the wireless broadband needs of government entities, consistency and security are crucial. Cambium understands the diverse applications government Wi-Fi should support, and offers a variety of customizable backhaul, distribution, and Wi-Fi access solutions capable of delivering specific departments the connectivity they require, with the features necessary to ensure interoperability between, and simplicity of management across, all network operations.


  • Data, voice, and video services: our solutions support secure, reliable transmission of files, communications, and streaming for voice, video, and surveillance applications.
  • Rural connectivity: Deliver high-performance Wi-Fi coverage to all residents, regardless of distance.
  • M2M connectivity: Machine-to-machine connections to simplify management and maintenance of government facilities, and such essential public services as traffic control and utilities.
  • Video surveillance: for public safety, asset monitoring, and facility security.
  • Leased line replacement: wireless solutions reduce dependence on infrastructure that can’t scale to keep the network growing with changing populations and demands.
  • Remote office connectivity: operators can monitor and administer the entire government Wi-Fi network with a cloud-based or on-premises end-to-end network management system, from any location.
  • Traffic monitoring and control: real-time data and analytics help operators optimize performance for critical applications.
  • Disaster recovery: rapid deployment and simple setup enables government Wi-Fi to respond quickly if emergency strikes.
  • Border patrol: high speed, high performance network solutions that support streaming capabilities with advanced network security features empower government safety efforts.

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