Regional Service Providers

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High Speed Wireless Connectivity for Service Providers

Leading Region Service Providers are discovering that no one technology fits across the entire network. Best practice is to evaluate the business opportunity in a given area and select technology to satisfy that use case. By aligning the ideal technology with their growth strategy, network operators can build and maintain a loyal customer base as needs and the network evolve. Wireless broadband solutions that operate in both the licensed and unlicensed spectrum are proven to connect millions of users around the world, and technology from Cambium Networks is designed to provide the spectral efficiency, coverage, and capacity to offer consistently reliable wireless connectivity to business and residential subscribers.

• High Capacity – Wireless networks can be designed to simultaneously support downloading of streaming video, uploading of video surveillance information, voice calls, and data sharing.
• Security – Network can use specified frequencies for public safety. Access networks can be configured with password authentication that meets PCI compliance standards for secure transactions.
• Affordability – Wireless solutions provide an attractive return on investment when compared with leased lines, fiber, copper, or other solutions.
• Reliable – With millions of wireless broadband modules deployed in 150 countries around the world, Cambium Networks solutions are proven to work in any climate or application.


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