WISP Network Providers

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Wireless ISPs For Rural Areas

Wireless broadband service providers around the world offer cost-effective, reliable Internet connectivity to business and residential customers in their areas. Creating and managing networks with up to thousands of subscribers, WISPs can rapidly connect new businesses or extend service into new communities, including Internet for rural areas.

Leading network operators choose the proven low total cost of ownership (TCO) of wireless broadband connectivity from Cambium Networks unique ability to provide:

  • High Reliability – Cambium equipment performs in harsh environments over the long term. This means fewer failures and less time on troubleshooting and maintenance and more time expanding the network to connect new subscribers.
  • Scalability – Cambium equipment scales to connect more subscribers per access point. This leverages the cost of the head end access point over a larger number of subscribers and  reduces the total cost of infrastructure.
  • Industry Leading Support – Meet service level agreements consistently with a full suite of support including: technical certification training, 24/7 phone support, dedicated repair facilities, and advisory services focused on improving and fine tuning your network operation.

Cambium Networks has more than a decade of experience in providing reliable connectivity solutions to wireless ISPs of all sizes, building networks that scale from dozens of local subscribers to region-wide coverage for tens of thousands of network users. Wireless broadband solutions from Cambium Networks are technically superior, giving your business a sustainable competitive advantage over alternative networks because of our:

  • Spectral efficiency offering up to 1.2 Gbps of throughput in a 40 MHz channel
  • Massive MU-MIMO technology to support streaming video to more subscribers
  • Beamforming to provide higher throughput to fixed locations
  • Intelligent filtering to efficiently isolate the signal from ambient noise
  • Antenna design to reduce self interference and optimize coverage
  • Scheduling to efficiently share throughput across all users

Wireless ISPs that offer rural Internet access face unique challenges. The expense of physically connecting far reaches with fiber can be prohibitive for any broadband service provider, much less those with subscribers outside of convenient urban centers. Though their coverage areas may be sparsely populated, they may confront geographical challenges such as forests or topography that obstructs Line of Sight transmission of Wi-Fi signals. Cambium Networks portfolio of technologies can empower rural Internet providers of any size to deliver reliable, secure, affordable rural high speed Internet to customers across any distance, and ensure that their investment will last with solutions that scale to meet changing needs.


Feature Case Study: Pixius

“We have serviced downloads up to 118 Mbps during peak customer usage. I would expect these customers to be more than satisfied with their currently uncapped internet service from the PMP 450m access point.”
– Rob Reif, Production Manager, Pixius Communications

WISP Wireless Broadband Applications

  • Voice and video services
  • Rural connectivity
  • M2M connectivity
  • Video surveillance
  • Leased line replacement
  • Remote office connectivity

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